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Rhino Point

Rhino Point are located in Gorumara National Park. This watchtower trip by Gypsy vehicle is the most coveted safari and has the highest tourist demand because you get to visit two watch towers on the same trip, and possibility of wildlife sightseeing is the highest here.

Wild Beauty


Chapramari is essentially an extension of Gorumara National Park - the two are actually divided by the Murti river. In fact Chapramari is bounded on its west by Murti river and on its east side by Jaldhaka river.

Beautiful River

Murti Rive

The Murti River is said to start close to the Neora Valley National Park streaming its way along numerous prime visitor spots along the Dooars district before it at long last meets the River Jaldhaka. At Samsing, the Murti River achieves the fields and proceeds with its adventure by isolating the extend of Gorumara woods.

Nowera Nuddy

Neora Tea Garden

The tea estate thriving in the periphery of the Gorumara National Park, is geographically located at a longitude of 88.800 E and latitude of 26.700 N. The estate’s railway station & post office are also named after the Neora river. It is situated in the ‘doab’ or the tract of land between the two rivers, Chel on the west & Neora in the east.

Lush fresh water


The principal attraction of the place is its natural beauty. At an altitude of about 800 meters, Bindu is a low altitude hill station. Local people and their culture, forests, river, the Jaldhaka dam nearby makes this place an ideal sojourn for the city dweller.

Delightful Environment

Rocky Island

The name Rocky Island promises lot of adventure and the place actually fulfills them. The name not only promises adventure but also evokes images of big and small rocks making an interesting trail for the tourists to follow.


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